How to get rid of a tics from Dog ?

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Walking with our four legged friend is the nicest part of a day. But what if we find a tick in his body? Ticks not only lurk in countryside, you may meet them also in city parks and brushwoods. How to remove a tick? Find some practical advice below.

First of all - prevent! 
An old saying goes that better is to prevent than to cure and it is hard to not agree with it. There are many products available that will allow you to keep ticks away from your dog. We can choose from both internal and external agents that will deter ticks from attaching to the skin. It is also worth to remember to check fur of your pupil regularly and react properly and fast. This process will be easier if we use special combs designed for 
combing out parasites.

Tick agents contain active substances – always choose product adequate to body weight of your pet.

Tick agents for dogs!

There are plenty various agents protecting dogs against tick available.

The most popular products are shampoos. Thanks to special substances, shampoo not only cares for fur and keeps it clean but also protects it from invasion of ticks and other insects.

The most general division is connected with way of use: internal or external. To the external ones belong spraysand various fluids and powders. These products are applied on the pet skin creating protective layer. Similar action have also Spot-on pipettes. This type of agent is easy to use and active substances penetrate skin and protect it against ticks. Each mentioned agents works, depending on the type, from 1 to 3 months. To internal formulas may also be added special tablets, that protect dogs against tick bites from the inside. Their time of action is approx. 3 months.


Products against ticks for a dog
there are plenty products available on the market that will help to stop ticks from your pupil. Easy to use and also effective are 
tick collars. They work for even several months. New products that may help in fight against ticks may be also added special ultrasound devices which do not influence either human or pets but disturb parasite ability to recognizer victims. The device is to be attached near to the body, for example on the collar in switched on in appropriate time.

There is no need to use more than one product with the same action! If you require more than one for an efficient protection – probably one of them does not work!


How to remove a tick from the dog?

When we find a tick on the dog's body, we need to remove it. You do not have to go to a vet to do this, you may easily do it on your own. We required only a tweezers and a disinfectant to disinfect the bite spot. To remove a tick from the dog you need to grab it gently and firmly pull it out with a twist. The best is a left twist as most of ticks bite into the body with a right twist so you need to do this in reverse direction. Twist move is important to reduce the possibility of leaving a part of a tick in the dog's body. If we afraid to do this, we may use a special tweezers, especially designed for this.

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