About Us

Welcome to ubspetshop.com your online Pet Store, here you’ll find high-quality Pet Supplies you really want, at savings from 10% to 60% percent off retail prices. We are direct sales professional in direct marketing and consumer goods. What does this mean to the customer? We know what works and what doesn’t. We only offer products that we have determined are a true value. We have what you want, when you want it, and at prices that are simply unbeatable. We regularly go over to our inventory to ensure the merchandise for sale is meeting ever-evolving consumer demands and preferences. We offer hand-selected items with the customer in mind. Our mission is to meet consumer demand in a demanding world.

Story Behind UBS Pet Shop

UBS Pet Shop is a childhood experience and aspiration of young and dynamic man. He always involve and around with pets and breeds from his young age with his 5 cousins staying in one family. They all used to eagerly wait for new pet at home and nurture like a small child at its initial stage before delivering to its customer. Walking in the lanes of neighborhood with new breeds all 5 of them were in seven heaven, becoming center point attraction in everyone eyes, the day was full of masti and happiness for them.

He started his initial earning from the dogs with grooming and giving training to dogs of high profile clients. His sincere love and affection is god grace. He is always applaud and appreciated for his service from his family, neighbourhood, clients, Vet Doctors and social network. Street Dogs or any breed, he was aware the pros and cons of dog behaviour. Many have knocked our doors for frequent medical treatment and advice. Nothing has gone in vain. The result, trust and belief grew more stronger and stronger. Till date knocking is going on…

UBS orignated its first phase in 2007 on document. Later, due to personal and financial constraints things slow down. But till date service and love keep growing as years passed. Finally, in 2017 the set up was done and platform on ubspetshop online was established.


In today’s scenario, online platform is great to portrait your vision and mission with any kind and numbers. As far as UBS pet shop the focus will be on DOG’s